Privacy advocates resign over facial recognition plans

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Wed Aug 12 13:49:26 PDT 2015

sheelly you mad?

shelly you tired? - then go to sleep

shelleeeyy does not know why there are provocateurs cause didnt analyze
mankind activities cause tired?

white people are lazy

so cornel west is a fucking hierarchical fuck academic making bank off his
peoples struggle hangin out with tavis smiley on tv while the people on the
ground live in food deserts

prove bernie is all about the love of the blackness i have proof he is also
in love with zion ... you love the zion too?

enjoy to lie to yourself

what should the 'attention whores' like me be doing ... be white softies
with parasites that have us smile all the time - as parasites are like a
mind numbing drug - and lie to ourselves that everything is fine ... our
people are in prison our people are dead but fucking smile

u shld lay out a plan for all of us then we can just do what you say cause
you know better

fuck your white ass constructs they are completely fake = mass white
hysterical fuck all

pooor poor bernie his privilage is diminished by a microdot

bernie could hand the mic happily to the less fortunate then maybe he
wouldnt be trolled  - he could feel honored by the fact that people see him
as at least remotely accessible

i originally posted on here about iris scans being perpetrated on the
people ... do you even know anything about that at all ? ...fuck no

but somehow you know everything about activists
On Aug 12, 2015 3:27 PM, "Shelley" <shelley at> wrote:

> On August 11, 2015 11:47:46 PM Cari Machet <carimachet at> wrote
> yet more bullshit:
> forgot fascist mass incarceration and this is directed at you personally as
>> i hold people 'accountable' for their actions and mindsets
> You should hold yourself accountable for your inflammatory and divisive
> "actions and mindsets" as well.
> Generally I ignore your posts and stay out of your misdirected, hot air
> bleat-fests.  But I'm really tired of dealing with this type of
> self-aggrandizing, rude vitriol that detracts from an otherwise valid
> point, thereby alienating even your best allies.  Like the so-called "black
> lives matter" attention-whores who completely disrupted a Bernie Sanders
> rally in my city this weekend.  It makes no damn sense to alienate the
> people most aligned with their cause and then spew racist language (as you
> do, as well), thereby harming any cause unfortunate enough to have itself
> associated with such behavior.
> There is righteous anger tempered by wisdom, e.g. Dr Cornell West.  He
> doesn't mince words and he absolutely holds people accountable while
> understanding that allies come in all colors and from various walks of
> life.  Anger is valid: being intentionally racist and rude is not.
> /rant on OT bullshit.
> -S
>> yay love that 'government abuse '.... lulz could it be 'crime by the
>> government' but but that dont happen nah never
>> social engineering is profound in language use and terms are handed to the
>> white people like soft boiled eggs so soft and the parasite slips into the
>> mouth so softly by soft nice voices that are never - no never - angry
>> whats there ever to be angry about ... no reason to ever raise your voice
>> even a tiny bit
>> On Aug 12, 2015 8:41 AM, "Seth" <list at> wrote:
>> > On Tue, 11 Aug 2015 12:49:45 -0700, Sean Lynch <seanl at>
>> wrote:
>> >
>> >> most part taken that choice away from them. The result seems likely to
>> be
>> >> less police abuse than at any point since at least the early 20th
>> century
>> >> in the US.
>> >>
>> >
>> > This is not directed at you personally, but I wish people would stop
>> using
>> > the fucking Orwellian double-speak term 'police abuse' in place of the
>> more
>> > accurate 'police crime'.
>> >
>> > What we have is a certain class of people committing serious CRIMES, not
>> > 'abuse'. These crimes includes murder, attempted murder, manslaughter,
>> > assault, vehicular assault, battery, false arrest, perjury, etc, all
>> while
>> > wearing special costumes called 'uniforms' and getting a paycheck from
>> some
>> > government agency.
>> >
>> > As far as I'm concerned, using the term 'police abuse' is a
>> > neuro-linguistic programming tactic designed to make people
>> subconsciously
>> > downplay the seriousness of these crimes.
>> >
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