Privacy advocates resign over facial recognition plans

Razer Rayzer at
Wed Aug 12 11:01:39 PDT 2015

Why are you Cc:ing me about this?

I used the term "police 'activities'..." NOT "Police abuse".


Ps. It might be neuro-linguistic, but the government-legitimized
criminals (gangs) in costumes with guns ABUSE people.

On 08/11/2015 10:38 PM, Seth wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Aug 2015 12:49:45 -0700, Sean Lynch <seanl at>
> wrote:
>> most part taken that choice away from them. The result seems likely
>> to be
>> less police abuse than at any point since at least the early 20th
>> century
>> in the US.
> This is not directed at you personally, but I wish people would stop
> using the fucking Orwellian double-speak term 'police abuse' in place
> of the more accurate 'police crime'.
> What we have is a certain class of people committing serious CRIMES,
> not 'abuse'. These crimes includes murder, attempted murder,
> manslaughter, assault, vehicular assault, battery, false arrest,
> perjury, etc, all while wearing special costumes called 'uniforms' and
> getting a paycheck from some government agency.
> As far as I'm concerned, using the term 'police abuse' is a
> neuro-linguistic programming tactic designed to make people
> subconsciously downplay the seriousness of these crimes.

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