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rysiek rysiek at
Sun Aug 9 15:13:06 PDT 2015

Dnia niedziela, 9 sierpnia 2015 18:14:09 Juan pisze:
> does anybody know a simple application with these features?
> 1) 'group chat' for a 'few' people - say, no more than 10
> 2) uses symmetric encryption (users already shared the key)
> 3) application uses a server for people to learn each other's addresses,
> but after the address exchange, the messages are sent p2p


It does not support symmetric encryption (everything is encrypted with public 
key crypto), but if you have a pre-shared secret, you can use some other 
channel (say, e-mail with contents encrypted symmetrically) to share ToxIDs. 
Then, add people to a Groupchat and you're good to go.

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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