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years later, in '04, then:

Court of Appeals Docket #: 04-30115	Docketed: 03/16/2004
Termed: 10/19/2004
USA v. Bell
Appeal From: U.S. District Court for Western Washington, Tacoma
Fee Status: IFP
Case Type Information:
     1) criminal
     2) pre-guidelines
     3) null
Originating Court Information:
     District: 0981-3 : CR-97-05270-FDB
     Trial Judge: Franklin D. Burgess, Senior District Judge
     Date Filed: 05/16/1997
     Date Order/Judgment:	     Date NOA Filed:
     02/19/2004	     03/12/2004
Prior Cases:
     01-30143     Date Filed: 04/05/2001     Date Disposed: 05/22/2001
    Disposition: Jurisdictional Defects - Judge Order
     01-30162     Date Filed: 04/25/2001     Date Disposed: 05/22/2001
    Disposition: Jurisdictional Defects - Judge Order
     01-30296     Date Filed: 08/23/2001     Date Disposed: 12/26/2001
    Disposition: Jurisdictional Defects - Judge Order
     01-30303     Date Filed: 09/06/2001     Date Disposed: 09/19/2002
    Disposition: Affirmed - Opinion
     97-30384     Date Filed: 12/30/1997     Date Disposed: 08/21/1998
    Disposition: Affirmed - Memorandum
     99-30210     Date Filed: 07/06/1999     Date Disposed: 05/25/2001
    Disposition: Affirmed - Memorandum

Current Cases:

                     Plaintiff - Appellee,	Helen J. Brunner, Esquire,
Assistant U.S. Attorney
[COR LD NTC Assist US Attorney]
DOJ-Office of the U.S. Attorney
700 Stewart Street
Seattle, WA 98101

JAMES DALTON BELL (Federal Prisoner: 26906-086)
                     Defendant - Appellant,	James Dalton Bell
[NTC Pro Se]
P.O. Box 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378-5000

                     Plaintiff - Appellee,



                     Defendant - Appellant.
PER AND COUNSEL FOR APLE. Filed in D.C. on 3/12/04; setting schedule
as follows: transcript shall be ordered by 4/2/04 for James Dalton
Bell; transcript shall be filed by 5/3/04; appellants' briefs,
excerpts due by 6/14/04 for James Dalton Bell; appellees' brief due
7/14/04 for USA; appellants' reply brief due by 7/28/04 for James
Dalton Bell. ( RT required: YES) ( Sentence imp ) [04-30115] (KM)
[Entered: 03/16/2004 02:26 PM]
03/16/2004	  2 	Filed certificate of record on appeal RT filed in DC
None [04-30115] (KM) [Entered: 03/22/2004 11:31 AM]
06/24/2004	  3 	Received letter from pro se dated 6/19/04 re:
statement of appellant's administrative complaint. (MOATT) (CP)
[Entered: 06/28/2004 10:38 AM]
07/09/2004	  7 	Filed order (Deputy Clerk: ahh/MOATT) Within 21 days
of the filing date of this order, appellant shall filewith this court
a declaration or notarized statement attesting to the date on which
the notice of appeal was deposited in the institution's internal mail
systen and whether first-class postage was prepaid, or otherwise show
cause why this appeal should not be dismissed for lack of
jurisdiction. Appellee may respond to the declaration within 8 days
after service of appellant's response. Failure to comply with this
order may result in the dismissal of this appeal for failure to
prosecute. Briefing is suspended pending further order of this court.
Appellant's request for appointment of counsel will be addressed upon
resolution of timeliness of this appeal. [04-30115] (BY) [Entered:
07/09/2004 08:48 AM]
07/26/2004	  8 	Filed Appellant James Dalton Bell's response to clerk
order re: timeliness of filing of the notice of appeal; served on
7/22/04. (MOATT) [04-30115] (CP) [Entered: 07/26/2004 03:36 PM]
08/11/2004	  11 	Filed order (Johnnie B. RAWLINSON, CONSUELO M.
CALLAHAN) A review of the record indicates that the notice of appeal
in this case ws timely filed. The 7/9/04 order to show cuse is
therefore discharged. To the extend appellant has moved to have the
panel recuse itself from consideration of this appeal, that request is
denied. To the extend appellant has moved for appt. of counsel in this
appeal. that request is denied because he is not entitled to appt of
counsel and this appeal does not present exceptional circumstances
warranting the appt of counsel. (see casefile for citations). No
motions for recon , clarification, modification of the denial of appt.
of counsel shall be filed or entertained. The court's records reflect
that this case may be appropriate for summary disposition because
appellant is no longer entitled to appt of counsel. Within 21 days,
appellant shall show cause why the DC's order allowing counsel to
withdraw shall not be summarily affirmed. If appellant does not comply
with this order, this appeal will be automatically dismissed for
failure to prosecute. Briefing remains suspended pending further order
of this court. [04-30115] (CP) [Entered: 08/11/2004 12:05 PM]
08/19/2004	  12 	Filed Appellant James Dalton Bell's response to
8/11/04 order to show cause; served on 8/16/04. (MOATT) [04-30115]
(CP) [Entered: 08/19/2004 02:29 PM]
10/07/2004	  15 	Filed notice of appearance of Helen Brunner for the
USA. (Withdrew as counsel: attorney Helen J. Brunner for USA)
[04-30115] (CP) [Entered: 10/07/2004 02:25 PM]
10/19/2004	  20 	FILED MEMORANDUM: AFFIRMED ( Terminated on the Merits
after Submission Without Oral Hearing; Affirmed; Written, Unsigned,
Unpublished. Andrew J. KLEINFELD, A. W. TASHIMA, Ronald M. GOULD )
FILED AND ENTERED JUDGMENT. [04-30115] (CP) [Entered: 10/19/2004 11:18
10/28/2004	  21 	Received letter from pro se dated 10/22/04 re: status
check. (MOATT, fyi per prose) (CP) [Entered: 11/02/2004 11:06 AM]
11/10/2004	  22 	MANDATE ISSUED [04-30115] (CP) [Entered: 11/10/2004 11:57 AM]
11/17/2004	  23 	Received Appellant James Dalton Bell's supplemental
argument concerning 10/19/04 court order; served on 11/12/04. (mandate
issued, sent public docket report, casefile) [04-30115] (CP) [Entered:
11/17/2004 02:13 PM]
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