getting firmware vulnerability info into hardware reviews

Blibbet blibbet at
Mon Aug 3 13:48:22 PDT 2015

On 08/03/2015 01:35 PM, xcelq wrote:
> Does Youtube reviewers count?

Sure, please add some text besides the video, hopefully paste the text
of the log, if Youtube allows that. Any awareness is better than current
situation of ignorance. blogs, tweets, youtube videos, etc. Send logs of
fresh hardware and I'll post blog entries on them. On Twitter use #UEFI
and/or #BIOS. I don't know how to use Facebook. If you blog on it, let
me know your Atom/RSS feed.

I wish someone would create a site where users could upload their
CHIPSEC report logs, and site would enable people to query all of the
uploaded results.

BTW, sorry my blog looks sucky, I still haven't learned WordPress and
that's the default theme. Working on it. Will have static HTML files on
site with related resource links in the coming days.


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