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Not sure if someone already mentioned this, but what of ?

Which offers professional support for products from that site,

I imagine that one could develop, for example, very transparent and
open source hardware development with production processes that could
scale up depending on demand, one could start with FPGAs.

There may be some already working on just such a project but I'm not
aware of the details.

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On 07/31/2015 03:56 PM, Cari Machet wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 1:06 AM, Steve Kinney <admin at 
> <mailto:admin at>> wrote:
> I do see problems with scaling DYI chip projects up to commercial 
> production numbers, and down in scale to achieve fast, high 
> capacity performance.  That's why I am much more interested in the 
> prospects of a manufacturing process built for radical 
> transparency, using "commercial best practice" technology at 
> conventional production facilities.
> IMO the same kind of radical transparency should apply to all 
> industrial processes that pose large potential hazards to public 
> health & safety, i.e. nuclear power stations, transgenic 
> agriculture, etc.
> :o)
> i have been thinking about this and i was thinking a lot about
> actual nuclear bomb sites being added to the list of 'hazard to
> public' and i was like - not possible to give the public any kind
> of access to such horrors but then its already in play ... NATOish
> people sold the design of the bomb to pakistan and israel long ago
> so maybe actually if more people were involved in the process it
> would be in safer hands and there would be less proliferation as it
> seems to be the modus operandi that there be more bombs to counter
> best film ever points in the direction of nano/bio tech
> possibilities le jette with the murder of species... can we have
> the components make themselves and self destruct when in danger?
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