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>I believe FBI was a minor player, if any, it was IRS TAIGA's Jeff Gordon
>and AUS Attorney Robb London who bird-dogged, planted a vehicle
>tracker, surveilled, harassed parents and friends, lurked on, sent
>messages and cherry-picked this mail list to subpoena cpunks and
>gather evidence for grand juries.
I think the acronym was TIGTA:  Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

>Indeed, it would be helpful to see the investigative files never introduced
>in court: some claim only 5% or less of "law enforcement senstive" are
>publicly released to avoid disclosing means and methods to assure
>conviction and chill others into lawful obedience, even if the judge
>remains awake during trial -- which in Mr. Bell's case, did not. Instead
>Judge Tanner (80+ years old), snoozed and periodically barked "Period."
The thing I REALLY want to see exposed is the fake, phony, forged docket for Ninth Circuit Court appeal case 99-30210.  It's the appeal case that was secretly initiated by corrupt attorney Judith Mandel Levins on about June 20, 1999, one day before she resigned.  Naturally, she never told me about the existence of that.  :  And, for the next 10 months or so, I received no mail from that court about that case:  Ordinarily, I (ostensibly representing myself, but completely unaware of the existence of that case) should have gotten mail, but I didn't get any mail while at FDC Seatac (until about September 3, 1999) nor at FCI Phoenix (from about Sept 10, 1999 through April 13, 2000.)
The phony docket was forged, but it was again re-forged, probably about May 2000, when they discovered that I was demanding a REAL appeal, still not having learned of the pre-April 2000 existence of that case.  (Unfortunately, I was unable to write very much about my May 20 discovery of the phony appeal case, in my July 2003 refiling of my Portland Federal Court lawsuit.  This is because I was using someone in Portland doing the editing, and I learned about that phony case too late to add a lot.  I did put in a few mentions, however.)

The docket is available to anyone, for free, using the PACER ( system, if you use less than 150 pages per calendar quarter.  Also, there are at least two FORGED filings, ostensibly from me, dated (from memory) approximately November 20, 1999 and March 5, 2000.  The first was a handwritten filing, ostensibly in my handwriting, but anyone who knows my handwriting knows it to be terrible.  THAT handwriting was very neat; Probably a woman's handwriting.  The March 5 filing was apparently done using a modern word-processor, although the law library at FCI Phoenix did not have such; only typewriters.
That docketing computer was presumably backed up regularly, at least weekly, and probably daily, and the backups might have been sent to the 
You will notice that I lambasted Andy Greenberg for repeating errors about me (and especially my attorneys) in this book.  He never responded to my accusations against him.  He claimed that I had repeatedly tried to fire attorneys:  But the reality is that I was never SUCCESSFUL at firing an attorney:  Initially, I did not try to fire them, though I objected strenuously to their misconduct.  Later, I TRIED to fire a few, but the judge never allowed me to do so.  Eventually they left, of their own accord, after they had done the damage to me that they were trying to accomplish.   I wrote a series of motions in February/March 2001 that strongly objected to corrupt attorney Robert Leen's actions, for instance.
           Jim Bell

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