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I say yes, just let us know what the results of the FOIA request are
so we know if we are on the resulting docs, etc, which would be

On 08/01/2015 06:57 AM, John Young wrote:
> I believe FBI was a minor player, if any, it was IRS TAIGA's Jeff
> Gordon and AUS Attorney Robb London who bird-dogged, planted a
> vehicle tracker, surveilled, harassed parents and friends, lurked
> on, sent messages and cherry-picked this mail list to subpoena
> cpunks and gather evidence for grand juries.
> Indeed, it would be helpful to see the investigative files never
> introduced in court: some claim only 5% or less of "law enforcement
> senstive" are publicly released to avoid disclosing means and
> methods to assure conviction and chill others into lawful
> obedience, even if the judge remains awake during trial -- which in
> Mr. Bell's case, did not. Instead Judge Tanner (80+ years old),
> snoozed and periodically barked "Period."
> OTOH, some folks say once you see what is in such files, it may be 
> prudent to let sleeping dogs lie. Shit your father, mother,
> friends, enemies, informants and shop-your-ass-to-save-their-own
> supporters say about you, reveal about you, lie about you, cover-up
> their own evildoing, well, now.
> No doubt, once the partially disclosed and redacted and doctored
> files are in hand, nothing stops you from culling them, doctoring
> them, fucking your tormentors by publishing your own version of
> FOIA/PA as the law and courts encourage official and unofficial
> liars to do.
> Admirable that Muckrock provides tutorials on how to do this, with 
> gobs of documentary evidence far exceeding Snowden team's snow
> job.
> At 11:18 PM 7/31/2015, you wrote:
>> hey Jim,
>> you know what'd be fun? a FOIA/PA request to FBI for your
>> documents. :)
>> if you're so inclined, see 
for example wording of interest.
>> best regards, codermange

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