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Subject: [cryptome] The Gloves are Off: Diana Roark back in the Fray:

See url: https://cryptome.org/2015/08/drake-001.pdf

Is there no stopping this woman... J.  Now, William Binney, J Kirk Wiebe, Ed
Loomis and Tim Drake, And Diane Roark, all of those involved in Thin Thread
fame have got together to mount a law suit against the US intelligence

Has enough evidence come out from the likes of Snowden and other
whistleblowers to sufficiently destroy the credibility of the leaders of the
US intelligence services, and their hangers on, one wonders?   Will the
curtain open on the National Security stage and divulge the incompetent
capers and conspiracies and corruptions  which hide those affairs of the
leading actors, who are dressed up in the clothing of secrecy, like
transvestites at Cinderella's Ball...

A lot of civil servants have turned to Ashley Madison to conduct their
external affairs, now that posting messages on a Yahoo account is so well
known... J.

Interesting times...Well worth a read... As I have said before, court
cases...no matter the outcome, can throw some interesting light on those
areas of the dark web of intelligence.J.  Certainly opening up  new aspects
of trailblazing.

Enjoy... J.



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