World’s First ‘Truly Anonymous’ Crypto Exchange Launches on I2P

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Tue Aug 4 22:26:53 PDT 2015

World’s First ‘Truly Anonymous’ Crypto Exchange Launches on I2P

The Grand Opening of a new cryptocurrency exchange, offering anonymous  
peer-to-peer trading over the I2P privacy network, was announced yesterday.

Exchanged.I2P will offer its users a way to trade between Bitcoin and a  
range of altcoins, without compromising their financial privacy.  
Currently, the following altcoins can be traded:

     Anoncoin ANC
     Bitcoin BTC
     Dogecoin DOGE
     Dogecoindark DOGED
     Litecoin LTC
     Peercoin PPC
     Primecoin XMP
     Vertcoin VTC

Additional coins will be added in the near future.

Other exchanges services such as ShapeShift allow their users to exchange  
between different cryptocurrencies instantly, without creating an account  
or sharing personal information, but they are centralized services with no  
direct peer-to-peer trading, and they do not include the extra privacy  
protecting measures used by Exchanged.I2P.

Not only will the exchange refrain from asking its traders for the usual  
‘KYC’ information – your name, address and other personal information – it  
also includes a range of other privacy-protecting features. Users can  
create accounts and log-in using just a password or PGP key (or both for  
2-factor authentication), without even needing to identify themselves with  
a username. Of course, the use of the I2P network also means that users  
cannot be identified and tracked using their IP address.

I2P is a privacy network, also known as a ‘deep web’ or ‘darknet’, which  
allows users to create and browse internet services anonymously. It is  
used in a very similar way to the more popular TOR network. Some users  
claim that it offers improved security compared to TOR, which has been  
compromised in the past. TOR has also been the subject of controversy  
because a large proportion of its funding which comes from the U.S.  
government, and the technology it is built on was original developed by  
U.S. naval intelligence. I2P has failed to gain the levels of popularity  
achieved by TOR, however, largely because it is more difficult to install  
and use.

The Exchanged.I2P project has been backed by the developers of Anoncoin, a  
privacy-centric cryptocurrency which is designed for use over I2P and Tor  
deep web services, and which has become one of the leading  
cryptocurrencies used on I2P dark markets.

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