getting firmware vulnerability info into hardware reviews

Blibbet blibbet at
Mon Aug 3 13:28:40 PDT 2015


I'm trying to get computer reviews to include more useful information,
mainly about checking about known firmware vulnerabilities using Intel
CHIPSEC (or MITRE/LegbaCore Copernicus for Windows).

If you know of anyone that does reviews for a living, please forward it
to them. I need help with that, I don't have any contacts at review sites.

If you've recently bought a new Intel-based system , and it fails
CHIPSEC, please let others know about it, so other consumers can avoid
that broken hardware.

If you work at a company where your purchases have more influence to
OEMs than a single citizen, please help by demanding CHIPSEC results
before purchase, to help make OEMs deliver better systems.

Thanks very much!

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