Finally Barbie became clever the new "hello Barbie"

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Wed Apr 22 01:19:22 PDT 2015

Last one from my side but this “drunk” YouTube review of the Echo is funny:

Amazon Echo - Drunk Tech Review

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> On 22 Apr 2015, at 07:05, grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:
>> On 04/19/2015 10:58 AM, dans at wrote:
>>> microphone and wi-fi conection, when the kids talk to 'her' the talking
>>> is sent to a server where the answers of Barbie are written and improved.
> Corp and Govt goldmine and programming tool...
> Kid: My Daddy has a big tool, my Mommy grows plants in the basement,
> my Sister has some kind of coin thingy on her puter, my name is Joey, I
> like boys, my Auntie says she hates the IRS and is going to protest, and
> you are my BFF.
> Doll: ...
>>> Of course there'll be an app for the parents to later listen the chats
> Least of your worries.
> Don't forget, Target knows when you're pregnant, expect free
> shipping and steep discounts on Barbie dolls.

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