Finally Barbie became clever the new "hello Barbie"

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Mon Apr 20 02:41:51 PDT 2015

Kinda off-topic but, oh my gosh, what a happy Amazon family. Best part: “You actually don’t have to yell at it!” but dad always yells at it from the kitchen…

I wonder how many Samsung Smart TVs do the same with users not knowing or realising it.

– BizDevCon

> On 20 Apr 2015, at 08:38, Seth <list at> wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Apr 2015 09:58:42 -0700, <dans at> wrote:
>> Have you seen the next Barbie Doll called 'hello Barbie. It has a microphone and wi-fi conection, when the kids talk to 'her' the talking is sent to a server where the answers of Barbie are written and improved.
> This product should be offered in a package deal with the Amazon Echo.
> Watch this video:
> You might think it's a clever parody at first, but no folks, it's for real.
> My favorite part of the video is the line at the end where the girl exclaims "with everything Echo can do, it's really become part of the family!!"

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