Finally Barbie became clever the new "hello Barbie"

Mirimir mirimir at
Sun Apr 19 14:44:57 PDT 2015

On 04/19/2015 10:58 AM, dans at wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> Have you seen the next Barbie Doll called 'hello Barbie. It has a
> microphone and wi-fi conection, when the kids talk to 'her' the talking
> is sent to a server where the answers of Barbie are written and improved.
> Of course there'll be an app for the parents to later listen the chats
> of their kids with Barbie.
> I think is not necessary to point out the implications of the subject

But how worse is that than the Internet panopticon generally? It does
add audio, and (soon, I'm sure) video. But just about everything will
end up online sooner or later.

Anyway, filtering and anonymizing would be trivial, using voice
recognition apps and your anonymity network(s) of choice.

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