Crypto Projects that Might not Suck

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TextSecure no longer supports SMS and the data channel requires installing bundles from Google, an NSA asset. Use SMSSecure, an SMS-only fork of TextSecure, also on FDroid store now whereas TextSecure was pulled from FDroid by the devs to maintain their Google-only distribution system.

On 10 April 2015 07:59:29 GMT+01:00, Seth <list at> wrote:
>Hat tip to Steve Weis twitter account @sweis
>End User Tool Summary
>This is a quick summary of tools that are generally recommended for end
>users. See the Encryption Works guide for more information.
>GPG: Email encryption
>TextSecure: Encrypted SMS Messaging
>RedPhone: Encrypted voice calls
>OTR: Encrypted instant messaging
>Tor: Protect from network surveillance

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