Greenwald, Scahill step down from The Intercept [kettle calls pot capitalist edition]

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Link to chart, Are we having a rational discussion:

On 04/07/2015 04:59 PM, Cari Machet wrote:
> i decided no to really read this after you stated i was blowing my own
> horn - you dont know me at all i didnt come to the table saying i
> worked at this or that place and i know blah blah i didnt even want to
> say i have worked at all the places mostly because it might come
> across as arrogant but i have worked in all the places i stated and i
> can actually prove that so ... and someone was point blank questioning
> wether i am even a journo so... i think you need to take the personal
> attack thing down a notch this argument isnt about me and thats
> another reason i didnt want to say where i have worked but frankly
> anyone that is bringing up what i bring up would have to know
> something ...maybe ya think?
> here is a graph for you to analyse your debate functionality which i
> think is incredibly low
> On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 12:17 AM, Zenaan Harkness <zen at
> <mailto:zen at>> wrote:
>     On 4/8/15, Cari Machet <carimachet at
>     <mailto:carimachet at>> wrote:
>     > oh great another person that thinks they know everything because
>     they
>     > punched some letters into a search engine
>     Look (at least some of) the folks around here have a second brain
>     cell, some even have third.
>     > i worked at indymedia in new york city democracy now and pbs >
>     wnet in the
>     > field in the middle east so... and other weird journo
>     watchdoggie things on
>     > immi in iceland and on documentaries but besides that i am an
>     activist and
>     > but also cover that in different places
>     You say you are a journalist, you say you are an activist, you say you
>     worked in the middle east, you say all sorts of things.
>     To me (TM) you're blowing your trumpet excessively. Once is ok, but to
>     keep blowing your own trumpet, over and over again - as in, repeatedly
>     - you know, more than once, carries implications; the exact
>     implications will vary by listener and are likely -not- what you want
>     arising within your reader's' minds.
>     You also keep 'pushing' your journalistic 'cred' rather than spend
>     that small effort to push the SHIFT key to capitalise your sentences
>     and names - that's disrespectful or at least lazy. Some of us make the
>     effort for you, yet you fail to return that courtesy. And a bloody
>     small courtesy it is four a journalist.
>     > frankly i have no clue why you are making such a big deal
>     > out of all of this
>     Ah ... who's making the big deal? Hmm...
>     Listen I don't hold anything against you, I don't know you and I've
>     been assuming ever since I first saw your emails on this list that you
>     are posting with a fake name. I do know it's hard to see oneself - in
>     the hindsight of reading my own emails after the fact I have
>     embarrassed myself too many times, so I empathise with your plight.
>     > - maybe ask yourself ... you take cheap base shots at people that
>     > are boring and have no place in advanced thinking debate
>     Pottle, meet ket :/
>     Given your loud self proclamations I suggest raising -your- tone. I
>     would appreciate that.
>     Secondly consider letting your work do the speaking for you. We have
>     these little things called hyperlinks, which look somewhat like this:
>     http://my.domain/some-intro-page.html
>     - such a link in your email footer would allow those who would bother
>     to verify about you for themselves without your dismal trumpet
>     practice getting in the way. That's a win win, especially for you.
>     Thirdly show a little respect to the people you write about (in email)
>     and press the SHIFT key at the same time as you type the first letter
>     of each name you type.
>     Fourthly if your intention is to demonstrate consideration to your
>     readers then also press that SHIFT key simultaneously to pressing the
>     first letter of the first word of each sentence (these are usually the
>     ones coming after a period).
>     Fifthly raise your own tone; those with that second or third brain
>     cell I spoke of can see black kettles for what they are - screeching
>     about that from the stove top is not becoming for a so called
>     'journalist'. Not in the slightest. Did I mention anything about
>     dignity? Well it's about your own behaviour not what others say.
>     Problem with said screeching is sometimes 'you' mistake a beautiful
>     silver carafe temporarily placed on the stove next to you, for a nasty
>     black kettle; others see the silver carafe and cover their ears from
>     the "BLACK KETTLE! BLACK KETTLE!" screeching; you start looking
>     distinctly pot like and rather black.
>     By the way that's not a good look - I can vouch for this from painful
>     first hand experience :P
>     A single rule for self which may work for you (or not, I dunno) is
>     'assume good intent'. When someone challenges self, perhaps self needs
>     a challenge. When someone calls self a black kettle perhaps a little
>     polishing of self is needed, a rib extraction, that sort of thing. And
>     if your assumption is wrong and bad intent is coming atcha, then at
>     least you've taken that polishing your act opportunity and look a
>     little shinier to onlookers.
>     THAT's what some call a win win situation :D
>     Good luck fellow human,
>     Zenaan
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