Greenwald, Scahill step down from The Intercept [kettle calls pot capitalist edition]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Apr 7 15:17:54 PDT 2015

On 4/8/15, Cari Machet <carimachet at> wrote:
> oh great another person that thinks they know everything because they
> punched some letters into a search engine

Look (at least some of) the folks around here have a second brain
cell, some even have third.

> i worked at indymedia in new york city democracy now and pbs > wnet in the
> field in the middle east so... and other weird journo watchdoggie things on
> immi in iceland and on documentaries but besides that i am an activist and
> but also cover that in different places

You say you are a journalist, you say you are an activist, you say you
worked in the middle east, you say all sorts of things.

To me (TM) you're blowing your trumpet excessively. Once is ok, but to
keep blowing your own trumpet, over and over again - as in, repeatedly
- you know, more than once, carries implications; the exact
implications will vary by listener and are likely -not- what you want
arising within your reader's' minds.

You also keep 'pushing' your journalistic 'cred' rather than spend
that small effort to push the SHIFT key to capitalise your sentences
and names - that's disrespectful or at least lazy. Some of us make the
effort for you, yet you fail to return that courtesy. And a bloody
small courtesy it is four a journalist.

> frankly i have no clue why you are making such a big deal
> out of all of this

Ah ... who's making the big deal? Hmm...

Listen I don't hold anything against you, I don't know you and I've
been assuming ever since I first saw your emails on this list that you
are posting with a fake name. I do know it's hard to see oneself - in
the hindsight of reading my own emails after the fact I have
embarrassed myself too many times, so I empathise with your plight.

> - maybe ask yourself ... you take cheap base shots at people that
> are boring and have no place in advanced thinking debate

Pottle, meet ket :/

Given your loud self proclamations I suggest raising -your- tone. I
would appreciate that.

Secondly consider letting your work do the speaking for you. We have
these little things called hyperlinks, which look somewhat like this:
- such a link in your email footer would allow those who would bother
to verify about you for themselves without your dismal trumpet
practice getting in the way. That's a win win, especially for you.

Thirdly show a little respect to the people you write about (in email)
and press the SHIFT key at the same time as you type the first letter
of each name you type.

Fourthly if your intention is to demonstrate consideration to your
readers then also press that SHIFT key simultaneously to pressing the
first letter of the first word of each sentence (these are usually the
ones coming after a period).

Fifthly raise your own tone; those with that second or third brain
cell I spoke of can see black kettles for what they are - screeching
about that from the stove top is not becoming for a so called
'journalist'. Not in the slightest. Did I mention anything about
dignity? Well it's about your own behaviour not what others say.
Problem with said screeching is sometimes 'you' mistake a beautiful
silver carafe temporarily placed on the stove next to you, for a nasty
black kettle; others see the silver carafe and cover their ears from
the "BLACK KETTLE! BLACK KETTLE!" screeching; you start looking
distinctly pot like and rather black.

By the way that's not a good look - I can vouch for this from painful
first hand experience :P

A single rule for self which may work for you (or not, I dunno) is
'assume good intent'. When someone challenges self, perhaps self needs
a challenge. When someone calls self a black kettle perhaps a little
polishing of self is needed, a rib extraction, that sort of thing. And
if your assumption is wrong and bad intent is coming atcha, then at
least you've taken that polishing your act opportunity and look a
little shinier to onlookers.

THAT's what some call a win win situation :D

Good luck fellow human,

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