Dollar Value of a Datamined "Free" Service User?

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Tue Apr 7 15:02:02 PDT 2015

Dnia wtorek, 7 kwietnia 2015 17:31:54 dan at pisze:
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>  | > al-data-up-for-sale-in-bankruptcy-auction.html
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>  | > Privacy policies are obviously a scam.
> Any policy lasts as long as the entity whose policy it is lasts.
> Have you an alternative in mind that delivers immortality?

Putting users in control, instead of "entities".

> Perhaps a different but similar example: A certifying authority goes
> bankrupt.  Who gets the keys?

Nobody should have the keys, there should be no certifying authority. We know 
how to do that already while preserving trust, confidentiality and coherence 
of communication.

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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