[Dead body ethics edition] Greenwald, Scahill step down from The Intercept

Razer Rayzer at riseup.net
Mon Apr 6 14:58:21 PDT 2015

OK... How about a dying gutshot US Marine in Afghanistan photographed by
an AP reporter?


AP made the right call, and it took a FEMALE PHOTOJOURNALIST to push
them despite fanaticism on the part of people who don't want us to know
soldiers die in GRUESOME WAYS EVEN IN WORTHLESS WARS, threats, and yes
claims of unethical behavior...

But it's all good to show pictures of 'brown bodies'

On 04/06/2015 02:39 PM, Cari Machet wrote:
> show me an instance of someone posing with a corpse thats a journalist
> & have you done it? 
> i dont know what kind of journalist you are but it sounds like you are
> in america as you site specific news outlets - make assumptions that i
> am also in america - i dont watch that shit - i am an activist journalist 
> being an activist journalist makes part of my job to be critical of
> journalism and therefor maybe i am in a different position than you -
> if you are okay posing with corpses then i will call you out as well
> but as your identity is hidden here.... soooooo... that wouldnt be so
> easy would it...
> it is your idea that there is nothing unethical but that doesnt mean
> that there is nothing unethical about it and that standards are not
> breeched by jeremy doing it and your post has not proven otherwise in
> any way 
> you are presenting as if i said there is a journalist bible and it was
> written in there and also you are presenting as if he is just hanging
> out and woops a dead body came flying by and the camera was just like
> on and pointed at him .... and the slab they just like landed in the
> slab like that ... it is perfectly disgusting
> besides if its so nothing why are bothering to post about it
> On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 10:49 PM, Razer <Rayzer at riseup.net
> <mailto:Rayzer at riseup.net>> wrote:
>     On 04/06/2015 09:59 AM, Cari Machet wrote:
>     > no journalist gets filmed with dead bodies it is unethical it never
>     > happens
>     >
>     > perhaps if you were a journalist in the field you would understand
>     I AM, for what it's worth, a journalist of sorts, and the FIRST
>     RULE of
>     Journalism ethics is:
>     The journalist is NEVER supposed to be (and perhaps harder,
>     'become, in
>     the process of reporting...') part of the story they're covering.
>     There’s really nothing unethical about being with corpses in news
>     footage and I don't have the foggiest where you heard that, but it's
>     worth noting ABCCBSNBCCNN won't run images of their people with
>     corpses
>     on the air, which is most likely why you claim 'it never happens'
>     Those aforementioned outlets aren't really journalistic media anyway.
>     They're propaganda outlets.
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