Warrant Canaries

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Wed Apr 1 10:04:49 PDT 2015

​But that is the point of why there is no safety in "everyone flouting the
law".  Everyone is breaking the law and the persecutors get's to cherry
pick who they will target.  Most likely a pleasant mix of high profile
(with trivial/non-existent penalty) and peon targets (with disproportionate

Consider various Jay Walking, Loitering, Trespassing laws which exist in
every town.  Do all people always use the crosswalk?  ​Do the persecutors
ever ticket people?  Not if the Mayor or Business Man Alpha are jay
walking, but if I shout to a persecutor driving their armoured patrol car
"get off the cell phone" ... you can bet your sweet un-free, psuedo-liberty
ass I would be.

> On 04/01/2015 05:26 AM, Andrew wrote:
> > flouting the law and thereby render it ineffectual
> works... IF EVERYONE cooperates to flaunt, flaut, and disregard it.
> Could you IMAGINE the gubmint trying to take every internet provider and
> major website operating in the US to court?
> ​​
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