New Jersey Police Officer Caught Selling Bitcoin Mining Equipment

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Tue Apr 21 09:23:44 PDT 2015

I have a long-time fascination for all things LE & military. One of the most intriguing ideas is LE or military “operators” switching sides from “good to bad" – be it in real-life or in fiction. Of course getting older (and less naive I guess) I realise it is not about switching sides: it is about all things being grey instead of black vs white separated by a thin blue line.

(My favourite examples are gang members infiltrating the US military and of course the Los Zetas founded by former members of the Mexican army: the "most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.” Current examples that got my attention: no.1 Teresa Shea, James Shea, DRS Signal Solutions and Oplnet LLC and no.2 Carl Mark Force IV.)

Now, this little story below: New Jersey Police Officer Caught Selling Bitcoin Mining Equipment.

I believe we will read a lot about such in coming months and years. Interesting times for Cypherpunks and Crypto Anarchists…

– BizDevCon


New Jersey Police Officer Caught Selling Bitcoin Mining Equipment

A New Jersey cop Vincent Saggesse, 32, who works for the Plainfield PD and is a member of the Union County SWAT Team, has been caught selling stolen Bitcoin mining equipment in an undercover sting operation.

Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano revealed that the disgraced police officer met twice with an undercover agent to work out a sale agreement of the hot KnCMiner Neptune units. However, it is yet to be discovered whether the cop had a clear idea of what he was selling. Soriano also desisted from disclosing the source of the units.

The dishonest law enforcement officers seem to be warming up to Bitcoin for their personal gains. Just three weeks back, two former federal agents were convicted of stealing Bitcoins during the federal investigations of the online black market Silk Road. The reason for police officers dirtying their hands by illegal Bitcoin activities may be that since the government is not yet fully interested in the cryptocurrency, they hope to find an easy escape route.

Saggesse’s boss and Plainfield police director Carl Riley said, “I, of course, am very disappointed regarding the circumstances, and I’m sure his colleagues are disappointed as well.” The police department has taken strong action against Vincent – charged him with Official Misconduct 2nd Degree and Receiving Stolen Property 3rd Degree – and suspended him without pay, pending the disposition of the case.

The charges of official misconduct were levied because Saggesse was involved in another crime – receiving $250 in bribe from the undercover agent in exchange for giving him certain details which included address of a license plate owner along with a photo. To this, the Somerset Prosecutor said, “Such information is available to law enforcement officers through various computer platforms that are to be used solely for law enforcement purposes.”
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