GoldBug SF projects [was: Bittorrent Bleep]

rysiek rysiek at
Tue Sep 23 14:06:11 PDT 2014

Dnia wtorek, 23 wrzeĊ›nia 2014 16:19:18 grarpamp pisze:
> Additional links, threads and updates...
> No replies came to me except for:
> - One further note of no particular substance from Bernd.
> - One thank you for exposing things further. Thanks :)

Here's another one of these: thanks a lot. The whole thread is very 

> (...)
> keywords: goldbug messenger, firefloo communicator, lib spot-on, echo
> protocol, cassiopeia bitmail, dooble web browser, interface social
> network

Whoa, some nice bullshit bingo right there! ;)

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