Where's a human-like randomizer?

Anthony Martin cpunks at martin-studio.com
Mon Sep 22 23:04:26 PDT 2014

I think you could generate truly random passwords first, then corrupt them
into less random passwords with a few regex passes

On Monday, September 22, 2014, Douglas Lucas <dal at riseup.net> wrote:

> I've an odd question. Is there a program that will generate passwords
> that imitate the badness with which humans armed with pen and paper only
> would generate randomness? No, not a program that spits out "password"
> over and over, that contemptible most frequently used password; I'm
> imagining an English speaker of above average intelligence who has some
> familiarity with best practices for coming up with passwords, but who's
> no mathematical crypto wizard or anything.
> Imagine a human who wants to generate an alphanumeric passphrase with
> both upper- and lowercase, and he's in a jail cell with just pen and
> paper. So he has a set of 62 characters to work with, and he tries to
> write out a truly random password. But maybe he puts "M" in the password
> too often for it to be truly random, because his name is Mario, so he
> thinks about "M" unusually often; or maybe his writing surface is shaped
> such that it incentivizes long downstrokes, so he pens the letter "l"
> too often for true randomness.
> Now, has anyone created a computer program to MIMIC what that human
> would come up with? Is such a thing possible? Obviously I could simply
> do it myself as a human being by, you know, qrMt8x3, but I want a
> program that will create that for an x-long, say, 80,000 character-long,
> string.
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