GoldBug SF projects [was: Bittorrent Bleep]

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Mon Sep 22 17:59:41 PDT 2014

On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 3:12 AM, Bernd Stramm <bernd.stramm at> wrote:
> To the extent that linux versions of these projects are available, I put
> them in the opensuse build system.
> From there you can get RPMs, and a few DEBs, including the source versions.
> OBS signs them.

If I wanted to try Unix/OBS versions I would. And I might if these
issues are ever resolved and they are picked up and looked at by
more Unix's.

> So quit whining

I'm defending users who might be considering running the binaries
you distribute. As far as I can tell, no one has ever been able to
reproduce them from your sources. And you haven't posted sufficient
details about your platform to make whatever compilation notes you
posted worthwhile. "32 bit windows" could be anything.

I also can't find OpenPGP signatures for the binaries or the sources
that you distribute.

Nor can I find a reply from you or "Mike Weber" or anyone else
regarding all these issues.

> If you use windows, it is your own fault.

So if I use the source without blobs I'm safe, but if I use your
windows binaries I'm rooted? Or should this mean that you know
windows sucks but you're writing to it anyways, and perhaps you
don't care much about the implementation quality there.

Now because you're a member of GoldBug Messenger on SF...

/ "[Today ...] the EFF in conjunction with the Chaos Computer Club announced a
/ new secure Instant Messenger called: ("

Are you suggesting that users ignore the falsehood you put in your
announcements and just trust your software?

(Is that what all those anonymous 5-star 1-review posts of GoldBug
to mostly second and third class windows software aggregator sites
are about... building trust? You can google for those.)

Or are you saying that you somehow forgot to post your own project
denial of Randolph / Thomas posting as if they were associated with
your projects?

Ok, well maybe you did forget that, so let's see who has control...

"Brought to you by: berndhs, mikeweber"

... and what they do with that control...


This gnupg thread also shows two other witnesses to...

/ "a review on sourceforge which indicates that the CCC has no idea
/ of it"

/ "... I also note that about 30 minutes ago, a representative of the Chaos
/ Computer Club (CCC) posted a one-star review of GoldBug in which he said
/ that CCC had never heard of GoldBug, despite GoldBug claiming to be
/ associated with CCC.
/ About five minutes ago the GoldBug project admin disabled reviews and
/ the one-star review is no longer visible.
/ This kind of behavior on the part of the GoldBug project leaders is
/ deeply irresponsible.  This, by itself, should persuade people to not
/ use it.  Responsible programmers *welcome* criticism -- we don't
/ suppress it."

"This project does not allow reviews to be posted."

Now of course back then "Mike Weber" may have been the only one in
the SF GB project, plus the apparent, in my opinion, shills Thomas
and Randolph.

However, you are now also on the SF GB project since at least Oct 26 2013.

So lets see if your project has improved its behaviour since pointed
out by people on gnupg list in Jul 2013... no it hasn't.
To wit: Your project just censored my post and turned on list
moderation so that no one else can speak. Oopsie, footshot ;-)
"1 message has been excluded from this view by a project administrator."
14 out of 15 posts.
"Your mail to 'GoldBug-Forum' ... is being held ... Post to moderated list"

So the question now begs, with you being fully aware, and perhaps
even complicit... why do you remain associated with projects that
have serious issues? If you choose to remain, you definitely need
to get "Mike", and you, to post an answer on this stuff. And if you
choose to leave, an exit statement from you would surely serve you
well as a possible member of the FOSS/Suse community.

> So quit whining

As long as all these questions remain unanswered, I will not quit
defending users, or the names of Tor, EFF, CCC.

Last minute additions...

# These two addresses are '550 user unknown' ...
 berndhs at
 mikeweber at
# A story about one particular Michael Weber
# Another email found
spot-on and dooble - "Alexis Megas" - textbrowser at, textfield at us...
# They uncensored my post to their list (second in this thread),
# but have not yet approved my first from this thread, or possibly
# this third post.
# I'm aware of no replies other than Bernd above.

Maybe for Goldbug et al it's all about the cute puppies...

/ "Some net communities already call it the 'Neuland Messenger' due to
/ the Font Name of the Logo."

Really, they do call it that? Well shoot your foot again, seems
that phrase has no applicable google search results on the net other
than your own announcement and a ...
 "Bern"ese mountain show dog.

You silly "novice bitches", hopefully the twitters will have their
way with you and your apparently bogus projects too.

Bye bye.

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