Bittorrent Bleep

Randolph rdohm321 at
Thu Sep 18 21:57:11 PDT 2014

Hi Grarpamp
uh? The post was just, that bleep messenger is not open source and I
would not use it.
Instead there is firefloo as open source and it has binaries to
download, which I evaluated. A mobile version of that would be cool,
but I cannot compile this.
The website seems to be run by the QXMPP developer. If you want to
build it yourself, I think the developers added the information here
or for the used library I think here
as I have never compiled firefloo, I can try to do that with Qt and if
successful provide a script after the weekend, but dont relay on me
for that. But if possible, I send it to you. Regards

2014-09-19 5:19 GMT+02:00 grarpamp <grarpamp at>:

> post on your sites detailed instructions on how to reproduce the binaries
> you distribute from the sources you provide. That means any and all
> details about the build platforms and all the command line steps
> used that will allow us to build sha-256 identical binaries to yours.

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