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I wrote a little something four years ago for a roleplaying website.
Doesn't take much creativity to see this is inevitable in a Patriot
Act-enabled state.

The NMS has long been denied to exist in the Corporate Confederacy. However
> outside observers and analysts agree on how it functions:
> All citizens are monitored through the following means:
> -Facial recognition of video feed of CCTV cameras in public areas and of
> private security cameras (all private security companies are required to
> submit their feed to the government), identifying an individual's location,
> patterns of movement, and clothing.
> -Citizens are also monitored from the use of transit passes or identity
> checkpoints, which also aides in establishing an individual's location or
> their patterns of movement.
> -Many cities within the Corporate Confederacy have multi-story/elevated
> streets. In order to navigate these streets, many citizens buy GPS systems,
> which inform drivers which streets have the fastest traffic flow, and
> suggest the fastest routes possible. Unfortunately this information is
> cross-correlated by using a database from the government. But not too many
> drivers are complaining, happy to receive this "service."
> -Cell phone GPS tracking.
> -Purchasing patterns based upon credit card information. Citizens who make
> cash purchases are also monitored and identified via face recognition
> programs.
> -Internet browsing habits, downloads, emails forum posts, etc.
> -Conversation analysis by computer programs, which analyze the tone of how
> certain words are said, and the frequency of some words are said. The
> conversations monitored are typically from wiretapped telephone lines, but
> may also included bugged residences or offices.
> -Nonintrusive load monitoring, which monitors the devices plugged into a
> power supply, enabling officials to determine activity within a home
> without planting bugs or cameras, which could enable officials to determine
> when it would be safe to secretly plants bugs or cameras.
> -Random secret house searches, which result in the documentation of
> belongings and appliances.
> All this data is cataloged in a database and cross-correlated with the
> routines or actions with other possible terrorists or former terrorists.
> For example redflags would be put up if a person spoke about the government
> in a derisive tone, repeatedly visited websites which glorify terrorists,
> went to meet with a suspected member of a terrorist group repeatedly, and
> began to purchase large quantities of gasoline and fertilizer. Another
> example would be that a person fingered by an informant as a terrorist
> leader would be monitored, and so would individuals suspected of meeting
> with that person.
> The NMS was not the result of a concerted project, but was created over
> time as new tools were developed to combat terrorism and threats to public
> safety, and as databases were slowly consolidated. The NMS is maintained by
> an unknown and possibly secret government agency.
> Estimated Program Development Costs: $100-275 Billion
> Estimated Maintenace Costs: $40 Billion per annum (for a country with more
> than three and a half billion residents)

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> "Horizon: The defenders of anonymity on the internet"
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