Re: ‘Fake’ cellphone towers found in U.S.

coderman coderman at
Tue Sep 2 00:54:40 PDT 2014

On 9/1/14, Alfie John <alfiej at> wrote:
> ...
>   "The fake ‘towers’ – computers which wirelessly attack cellphones via
>   the “baseband” chips built to allow them to communicate with their
>   networks, can eavesdrop and even install spyware,...
>   "What we find suspicious is that a lot of these interceptors are
>   right on top of U.S. military bases."

this is a classified "data loss prevention" mechanism, if you will.
rather than deny cell use on sensitive locations (some locales demand
no digital electronics) a happy middle ground of surreptitious deep
inspection on demand is applied.

what was once foreign battlefield only, is now plentiful lawful access, locally.

don't be fooled; no less malicious in re-purpose. these are war
weapons aimed at all of us...

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