Offering free firmware rootkits perhaps even badBIOS

bluelotus at bluelotus at
Thu Sep 25 15:18:44 PDT 2014

Want firmware rootkits, probably more sophisticated than FinFisher's, 
probably BadBiOS, emailed to you?

Hidden .mp3 and ID3 tag embedded in .exif in photos I took. Clicking on 
the photos does not produce audible sound. Is audio ultrasound?

JavaScript block, multiple objects, multiple stream objects, OpenAction 
and JFIF in documents that I scanned into PDF.

Malware hiding in revisions, OLE2 streams and null characters after the 
end of file of doc files I had created. Null characters after the end of 
file of tiff files.

I removed ID3 tags from music. Hackers concealed reinserting ID3 tags.

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