GoldBug SF projects [was: Bittorrent Bleep]

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Sep 19 04:37:19 PDT 2014

On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 12:57 AM, Randolph <rdohm321 at> wrote:
> Hi Grarpamp
> uh? The post was just, that bleep messenger is not open source and I
> would not use it.
> Instead there is firefloo as open source and it has binaries to
> download, which I evaluated. A mobile version of that would be cool,
> but I cannot compile this.
> The website seems to be run by the QXMPP developer. If you want to
> build it yourself, I think the developers added the information here
> or for the used library I think here
> as I have never compiled firefloo, I can try to do that with Qt and if
> successful provide a script after the weekend, but dont relay on me
> for that. But if possible, I send it to you. Regards

If you are able to compile a binary that sha-256 matches the
distributed binary, yes, please do make your compilation script and
platform notes available.

No, do not send it to me, send it to the list.

As to the "uh?" above ...

Search results for info on this family of sourceforge applications
are slim and don't really inspire the level of confidence this type
of crypto software would typically require... empty profiles, empty
mailing lists, no CV's, no whitepapers (there is a goldbug manual),
no presentations... no obvious email addresses... the claim to be
working with EFF and CCC... and likely the same folks mimicing TBB
below ... all of which has been said before.

You seem to be the one most familiar with the projects, only one
on the net posting about them (plus Thomas), only one to know
anything, seemingly chatting in the devel channel...

More people here would like to welcome these new projects provided
they meet some of the usual community standards suitable for crypto
projects. If you (or more specificaly, whoever is behind these) are
playing anonymous or somesuch, and this cluster of projects on
sourceforge is legit, accept my apologies, I'm sure you understand
where people are coming from.

Doing a little more digging and CC'ing some potential relevants
for comment...

 Regarding firefloo ...

> The website seems to be run by the QXMPP developer.

I don't find any obvious forward references to SF from anyone
seemingly affiliated with qxmpp.

The backwards tree...  qexmpp  Manjeet Dahiya  Amit Jaiswal

The forward tree...  qxmpp at  manjeetdahiya at  jeremy.laine at  0xd34df00d at  qxmpp at  manjeetdahiya at  dahiya at  a6a9316d247390d196dbdc16960648c0-1457464
at  jeremy.laine at 0xD2CF64921ACE2687  0xd34df00d at  0XD34DF00D.ME at

Regarding goldbug, again no obvious forward references ...

The backwards tree...  Bernd H Stramm  Michael Weber"michael+weber"+(crypto|goldbug)"wwwmichi at"
 thomasasta at (Thomas Asta)[email protected]/msg00429.html

The forward tree...  bernd.stramm at 0x4604458E

Regarding some of the other projects, same issues ...  Alexis Megas

"Echo Protocol"  Michael Weber  Damian Cholewa  Nicola De Filippo  Don Tinelli  Alexis Megas  messengerfan  Sergey V  Bernd H Stramm  messengerfan  Marco M

Someone else can search more.

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