Patents by Harris Corporation

Gregory Foster gfoster at
Fri Sep 5 14:30:54 PDT 2014

I have a feeling there are some interesting things amongst these 2,996
patents filed by Harris Corporation, the maker of the Stingray and other
IMSI catchers:

For example,

@USPTO (Jul 1) - "#8,768,311 - Intelligent asymmetric service denial
system for mobile cellular devices and associated methods":

> The system and method prevents reception of calls to a mobile cellular device within a relatively small area or zone, with minimal inconvenience to the public by also permitting outgoing transmissions. The mobile cellular device has a wirelessly settable parameter associated therewith enabling establishment of an inbound call. A selective call blocker includes a receiver, a transmitter, and a selective call blocking controller cooperating with the receiver to determine the wirelessly settable parameter. The selective call blocking controller also cooperates with the transmitter to wirelessly change the wirelessly settable parameter to selectively block an inbound call to the mobile cellular device and without defeating the capability of the mobile cellular device to establish an outbound call.

Harris Corporation is a sprawling defense contractor also dabbling in
hydrocarbons, so many of these patents will not be germane for the list.
 Please share what you find that seems relevant to the on-going
conversation re: IMSI catchers...


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