is truecrypt dead?

dan at dan at
Fri May 30 19:46:05 PDT 2014

grarpamp writes:
 | > Thoughts?
 | All moot. When someone walks into your office and hands
 | you a letter you have two choices... operate according to
 | their whim. Or publish the damn letter with whatever
 | redactions or lack thereof you feel are appropriate.

Is it really your position that one's choice is to either
emulate Mohamed Bouazizi or acquiesce?

I will not do design off the cuff on a mailing list, but
I'm certain that a steganographic keep alive is designable.
If you (for all values of you) want to continue in the actual
direction of design, I'll join with you in that.  I have zero
free time and I am not a crypto mathematician, but I can offer
one tool (or so I think):

wherein Moti and I show that it is possible to encode any
arbitrary monotone logic in the structure of split keys.

As always, I assume this list is monitored.  Likewise,
I assume that any technologic solution is both temporary
and second best to the diminishment of government, per se.


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