is truecrypt dead?

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Fri May 30 14:25:24 PDT 2014

Dnia piątek, 30 maja 2014 07:22:24 manning bill pisze:
> sort of like the;  “We have not received a NSL today” notice…

Wait, this is actually much better than the standard canary "We have not 
received NSL yet".

In the standard canary case, a court can supposedly order you to lie. But with 
such a short-lived (one-day) message of "We have not received an NSL during 
the last 24 hours", published via RSS, a third-party could set-up a monitoring 
website that automagically federates any such "canary feed", and as soon as 
any of them has a single day of lack of suck message just mark it as "possibly 
received NSL on <date>", or even "did not confirm that did not receive an NSL 
on <date>".

The person that received the NSL can then be forced to keep publishing the "We 
have not received NSL today" message, but the signal has been sent already, 
and there would have to be a yet another NSL to the federation service 

Bonus: the NSL can even make the original addressee publish "We have never 
received an NSL", which would be even a stronger signal.

If there are several such operators, this becomes more and more non-trivial.


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