Truecrypt tinfoil hat testing

rysiek rysiek at
Thu May 29 14:22:13 PDT 2014

Dnia czwartek, 29 maja 2014 21:23:27 NullDev pisze:
> With exquisite timing, I bought a new external HDD yesterday
> (28.05.14) and set about encrypting it with TrueCrypt. I installed via
> the terminal as I'm on Linux, ie:
> wget
> I extracted it, and encrypted my drive. The TrueCrypt website was
> looking it's normal self at that point: I referred to it a few times
> during the encryption.
> However, no sooner had it finished at about 4pm UK time yesterday, I
> received the first email from someone on the list about Truecrypt
> pulling the plug. Their site had been changed to the one we see today,
> recommending we switch to an alternative like, ahem, something as
> fabulously secure as Bitlocker.
> Ironic timing, huh? So, I have what was possibly the last download of
> a version 7.1a tarball before everything went titsup, and if you read
> what The Register said about Truecrypt's V.7.2 being
> corrupted/infected/backdoored here:
> Then theoretically I have something to wonder about. However, it would
> appear that the date, checksum and verification are ok on what I
> downloaded. It *seems* clean.
> It would be interesting to see if it's in anyone's scope to compare
> the source code with other versions of 7.1a for Linux: it's beyond
> mine, apologies. If anyone wants me to send them the tarball I'll be
> happy to oblige.
> Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Upload it on Github somewhere, and let's use this tool to compare different 
7.1a versions publicly? If we trust GitHub, that is. ;)

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