Fwd: is truecrypt dead?

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> ​Guys, dont you see?
> Тhis is pure provocation!
> Or the developer was caught by the NSA or... "Lavabit 2" ....
> But it does not mean that the previous versions are baaaad or that we
> should move on microsoft-NSA program bitlocker. Its a 100% backdored!
> And this is the biggest CLUE that either тхис message was written by the
> NSA guys, or there is a great pressure on the developer. And this is how he
> says that to us.
> Dont panic. Keep using the last version 7.1 and DONT switch to newer
> version of truecrypt, if it comes out now.​

If anybody has got the sources for version 7.1, he could post it to make a fork and continue developing. Given the number of people that use truecrypt, resurrecting the project seems a good thing.

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