Fwd: is truecrypt dead?

Александр afalex169 at gmail.com
Wed May 28 23:00:26 PDT 2014

​Guys, dont you see?
Тhis is pure provocation!

Or the developer was caught by the NSA or... "Lavabit 2" ....

But it does not mean that the previous versions are baaaad or that we
should move on microsoft-NSA program bitlocker. Its a 100% backdored!
And this is the biggest CLUE that either тхис message was written by the
NSA guys, or there is a great pressure on the developer. And this is how he
says that to us.

Dont panic. Keep using the last version 7.1 and DONT switch to newer
version of truecrypt, if it comes out now.​
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