House Passes Curbs on NSA Phone Surveillance

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Sat May 24 16:12:35 PDT 2014

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> On 2014-05-24 01:40, coderman wrote:
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> >>
> >> ...
> >> NSA officials were pleased with the bill for another reason: The new
> >> arrangement will give them access to mobile calling records they did 
> >> not
> >> have under the old program.
> > 
> > what a fucking joke...
> This whole process has been a total handjob.  People making concessions 
> to ensure that the rest of the bill offers some kind of protection, and 
> of course most redeeming value has been lost.
> It ends bulk metadata collection.  That's the only redeeming part of 
> this bill.
> If we want real reform, we need to overhaul the FISA courts.

Would American citizens be against imposing their State the obligation to provide the defendant with full access to the data held by the persecutors? Obligation to indemnify those who they have wrongly and unlawfully persecuted? Provide full access to the public as regards to their past operations and maintained databases for public scrutiny?

Who is this all around enemy that is everywhere but there, inside the agency? 

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