the Great Filter of private communication

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Sat May 24 07:39:39 PDT 2014

On Sat, 24 May 2014 15:56:33 +0200
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> > And no, there is no "software" that you can run on your machine for
> > that. You *want* to run it on an embedded device, so that you can
> > power off your workstation and still be able to receive emails or
> > phone calls.
> Well, that's for me to decide, isn't it. :)
> I understand the rationale for this, but might I suggest choosing a
> different way of putting it in words? The power of FOSS is the
> unimaginable -- things people do with our software that we never even
> thought of.
Yes, of course. Sorry, I didn't want to overrun your freedom of
decision. And I'm curious by myself where it may take us... :)

> Apart from that it looks really good. Thanks!
Thank you too! Great to hear.

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