the Great Filter of private communication

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Sat May 24 06:56:33 PDT 2014

Dnia sobota, 24 maja 2014 14:05:50 42 pisze:
> > Interesting. Is there software I can run on my own machine? I am not
> > a "regular joe", I want some more control even if it means a bit less
> > convenience.
> Understandable. Currently, we use Debian, but moving to OpenWRT, which
> is in test phase at the moment. When we're done, I'll offer dd images
> for flashing your own CFcard. Until then, you may build your own image
> directly:


> Its tailored for the PC-Engines alix2d3 board. If you have such boards,
> you can set up a network of Enigmaboxes at home; or join the
> Projectmeshnet IRC channel and ask for a peering - or set up your own
> servers.

Makes sense.

> And no, there is no "software" that you can run on your machine for
> that. You *want* to run it on an embedded device, so that you can power
> off your workstation and still be able to receive emails or phone calls.

Well, that's for me to decide, isn't it. :)
I understand the rationale for this, but might I suggest choosing a different 
way of putting it in words? The power of FOSS is the unimaginable -- things 
people do with our software that we never even thought of.

Apart from that it looks really good. Thanks!

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