the Great Filter of private communication

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Sat May 24 05:05:50 PDT 2014

> Interesting. Is there software I can run on my own machine? I am not
> a "regular joe", I want some more control even if it means a bit less 
> convenience.
Understandable. Currently, we use Debian, but moving to OpenWRT, which
is in test phase at the moment. When we're done, I'll offer dd images
for flashing your own CFcard. Until then, you may build your own image

Its tailored for the PC-Engines alix2d3 board. If you have such boards,
you can set up a network of Enigmaboxes at home; or join the
Projectmeshnet IRC channel and ask for a peering - or set up your own

And no, there is no "software" that you can run on your machine for
that. You *want* to run it on an embedded device, so that you can power
off your workstation and still be able to receive emails or phone calls.

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