Going to jail nowadays for owning a book, wtf?

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Wed May 21 17:21:47 PDT 2014

A friend of ours sent me this very intredasting link which I didn't know existed. But since cross-posting is a no-no, I take the liberty to post the information which is obviously very pertinent in our discussion:

> > Things like that remember me that google once did not have the capacity to
> > exclude links from its systems, but because of pedophiles, they finally
> > built that capacity. The next day the copyright industry was knocking at
> > their door to take down content they previously couldn't because of the
> > lack of technical capacity.
> > 
> > "Now Google don't have excuses." - I remember seeing that phrase in a New
> > York magazine.
> ”Child pornography is great,” the speaker at the podium declared
> enthusiastically. ”It is great because politicians understand child
> pornography. By playing that card, we can get them to act, and start blocking
> sites. And once they have done that, we can get them to start blocking file
> sharing sites”.
> -- http://christianengstrom.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/ifpis-child-porn-strategy/

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