Going to jail nowadays for owning a book, wtf?

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Wed May 21 17:09:01 PDT 2014

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> De : "Henry Rivera" <4chaos.onelove at gmail.com>
> All "speech" should be legal--printed, electronic, or otherwise--even guides to making bombs like the Anarchist Cookbook, of which I have a copy. Anyone who doesn't support that doesn't deserve freedom of speech. I understand limits to speech being necessary to prevent imminent harm (when there is evidence of clear and present danger) like yelling fire in a crowded theater. However, this logic has been overextended and abused to the point where less-than-clear danger and just potential risk are enough to justify censorship of unpopular political speech. One more reason to nix the Terrorism Act. 
> -Henry

I totally agree with you and the strong men of yore did too.

But strong men as you and me are the fringe now and we will have to fight for the minds of the masses once again, like the ancients did.

Our pussified men of today can't stomach the realities of the world, lol.

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