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> Dnia wtorek, 20 maja 2014 09:05:37 Kelly J. Rose pisze:
> > Which is totally subverted if you are American citizens or located in the
> > us. Simply by the national security letters.
> > 
> > You could have the sexiest cryptosystem ever and the NSL attack will still
> > beat you if you put it on American soil.
> I guess that's why they are not putting it on American soil.
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It doesn't matter, if you got a link to the US like citizenship, you are liable to receive a NSL.

If you come from a poorly defended country, like say Saudi Arabia, they will snatch you out to guantanamo.

This kind of problem should be tackled by some honest idealists from either China, Russia, Brazil, India or other big country (Indonesia or Malaysia?) that doesn't extradite and would cause an enormous stink if one of their citizens was taken away to be tortured. If that country would not effectively attack the US in some very painful way.

Like I suppose you are Polish, if you are Polish, Poland itself will give you away to the US at the minimal sign of trouble. I don't blame Poland, it is that or being Russia's bitch. Poor Polen always squeezed.

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