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Александр afalex169 at
Mon May 19 22:36:31 PDT 2014

well, it
seems too good to be truth.
Recently we"ve got a lot of projects like that.

Yes, there are enthusiasts.
A real good ones.
But we should also ask ourselves,
(except what tpb-crypto mentiond), who these guys are? Could they be a
project of... the NSA itself?

I read their security section. The first thing in my mind (i am not tooooo
paranoid:)) is that it is too good. It is absolutely free WITHOUT any
mention of donations.
Not even a mention.
Who supports them? Can we trust him/it?
Are they millionaires:)?
We see not even one word about the money.
Second of all, when you read their
security section, its like a honey for bees - it invites you. Its ideal.
Too much ideal.
So yes, i rely on my feelings too, and there is something wrong with that.

These guys are from Germany:
It seems to me a better choice (except the problem of the fact that Germany
has got its nsa=bnd and that they give everything to nsa)

In the end, we need to trust someone. But we dont read their minds:). And
it could be, after all, a big fall.

We"ve got pgp. Thanks God.
But a 100% reliable and bulletproof email provider?
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