Observation re gmail/google cookies

Georgi Guninski guninski at guninski.com
Fri May 16 01:44:51 PDT 2014

On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 08:57:47PM -0400, grarpamp wrote:
> Is used to be such that only the mail.google.com:GX
> cookie was required to access webgmail (even if it added
> a number of other cookies post that access, they could be
> reasonably narrowed down and blocked to just mail.google.com,
> if I recall). Now within the past many months that has changed
> to include, at minimum, myriad cookies in google.com. (I've
> not tested which are the minimum set). These will potentially
> cross with ads and other tracking things. While great for
> google integration, it's bad for user privacy regarding
> domain/usage segregation. Do not trust the google in your
> browser anymore. As if, ever, obviously.

Certainly. google probably will change
the minimum cookie set.

Just for mail isn't it better to not use
browser but an email client via SMTP/IMAP:


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