Re: "SIGINT tradecraft…is very hands-on (li terally!)"

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Alright, what I meant was this:  The judge ordered that the information be provided in electronically-readable form.  He meant, "not on paper", because if it were on paper, that would be very difficult to actually USE.  My idea was to put the information onto pdf files, where if you view the pdf file, it would look like lines of "captcha"-type data:  Weird, warped characters, in various odd colors, overlapping lines, etc.   CAPTCHA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia    Specifically designed to NOT be computer-identifiable.  The essence of the presentation of the data would be that it wouldn't be readable by 'computer' at all; it would have to be decoded by human intervention...even though it was in "electronically-readable form"!!
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There is a good chance the documents are covertly marked as
you suggest, the ostentatious classification markings a ruse for
untutored yokels to fancy are genuine. 

Covert markings have been in use for a long time, as well as 
ostentatious markings. On paper as well as digital and other
forms of electronic.

And certainly packets carry unique markings in a variety of
overt and covert types.

Some of the techniques fall under the inadvertent emanations 
rubric associated with Tempest -- which has blossomed well 
beyond the FOIA releases from the late 1990s. TSCM is a 
marvel of duplicity and ruse.

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>>> > We've seen the Greenwald book No Place to Hide, where are
>>> > promised gush of Snowden documents available? His
>>> > doesn't show a source. Surely not another marketing
>>> great question; let us know if you find them!
>If I were the telephone company from which the records were requested,
I'd note that the records were requested in "electronic"
format.  Then, I'd ask a programmer to write a program to write a
program to generate pdf files with embedded "captcha"-type
text:  Images that are quite apparent to the human eye, but are very
difficult for any computer to make any sense of.   All the
phone records would be there (in no particular order), and they'd all be
very readable to humans, but...
Jim Bell
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