Patented prime numbers

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2014-05-13 11:40 GMT+02:00 Georgi Guninski <guninski at>:

> > My understanding is that they are part of nature.  If you think about
> it, to hunter-gatherer-level societies, negative numbers could be called
> "imaginary":  There is no such thing as "negative-3 sheep", for instance.
>  Nor is there a third of a (living) sheep.  It was easy enough for people
> to divorce themselves from the idea of integers, or positive numbers.  It
> was much more difficult to deal with "irrational numbers" (numbers which
> could not be expressed as the ratio of two integers).

offtopic and what's worse:
"You owe me three sheep. You have -3 sheep."
"This grain must be shared between 3 people. 1/3 of the grain is his. 1/3
is hers. 1/3 is mine."
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