"SIGINT tradecraftis very hands-on (literally!)"

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Tue May 13 01:00:08 PDT 2014

We've seen the Greenwald book No Place to Hide, where are the
promised gush of Snowden documents available? His publisher
doesn't show a source. Surely not another marketing tease.

Surely not snatched by the TLAs, tampered with, doctored,
MTM'd, redacted, censored, cherry-picked, highlighted for
dummies and fans, surely not handled like a disinfo spy
op, heavy on narrative, suggestions of much more unreleasable,
need for classified briefings and diligent vetting, that what
we documents censors know we can't dare tell the public
due to the public dupery by enemies of our interests.

Dropboxes are honey pots, media is just that, governments
are just that, opsec and comsec are just that.

And do tell, what is this SIGINT forum psyoping?

At 03:11 AM 5/13/2014, you wrote:
>there's some new thing out,
>  ... first shots from the peanut gallery?
>please report suspicious network behavior accessing Snowden documents
>to the second hand exploit sale broker consortium for a reasonable
>referral fee!
>best regards,

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