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John Young jya at
Wed May 7 04:10:20 PDT 2014

Not only the cyber titans were treated to classified briefings
by NSA but also journalists, a number of them since the Snowden
releases, continuing a long tradition of cultivating amplifiers
and opiners in just about all fields -- com, edu, org, experts,
in particular those in infosec, comsec, netsec and data

And like the titans, the others assure their customers nothing
like that is going on, abiding non-disclosure pacts obligatory
for classified entry to secretkeeping. Dual-hats for dual-usage.

And not a few of these are rewarded not merely with information
but contracts, fees, endorsements, featured product placements
in spy offerings, awards (open and secret), vouchings in setting
of standards, educational scholarships for expert profs students
and research assistants, consultancies, recommendations to
corporations and foreign customers.

What is wondrous about the Snowden releases is that there
is so little about this far broader constituencies which conspire
with spies, invent and promote spy products and services, with
the easy corporate targets serving as camouflage for the ostensibly
good hearts who avow they are on the side of the public.

A distinctive feature of this charade is inveterate lying, as spies
do with pride and vainglory, as security pros must do or die,
threatended to be killed for telling just half of the whole story
as ex-spies do to save their skin.

Whadda you mean, the whole story, are you nuts? The whole
story is beyond belief, beyond revelation, nobody knows it.
It is postulated to make the partial revelations look like a clue
to much worse, a standard spy, ethics, education, religion
business, government means and methods, which happens
to be in effect for Snowden, as with other spies and exes,
titans and journalists, scholars and hackers.

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>         " NSA cyberdefense chief Debora Plunkett in December disclosed
>         that the agency had thwarted a “BIOS 
> plot” by a “nation-state,”
>         identified as China, to brick U.S. computers. "
>         LMAO!!!!!!!!
>         Everywhere I look I see self-parody....

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