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davidroman96 davidroman96 at gmail.com
Sat May 31 04:24:14 PDT 2014

I want to present an idea to improve anonymity and privacy on the
intrernet that me and my companion are building.

How it works: To improve anonymity, the diferent hosts are connected
with groups of multiple hosts that comunicate each other spoofing the
source ip and broadcasting the messages that have to be sent to some
host. With this method the reciever don't know who want to download X
file and if the NSA or FBI get the logs of the reciever they can not use
it for trace the origin. The sender don't know who have X file because
they have sent a broadcast request for download a file and will recieve
the file with spoofed ip, is 99% anonnymous, the only problem is that 
the ISP can always know if you are using this program.
For the cryptography we use SHA-3 (keccak) for hashing, AES, ECDSA and
the better algorithms and methods that we know (we are only amateur
With cryptography is easy to protect data against the ISP MitM but it's
more dificult to send private messages to a single person. For this
reason the topology for the network is of isolated groups with their own
private key for the members, obviously a group can be public. Of course
a group of 2 people is useless because there are not anonymity xD Bigger
groups, more entropy, more anonimity.
For the "POC" we are using UDP. UDP only can send small packets of
~64kb, therefore, it can be used for a chat but is too slow to download
big files. We have sacrified speed to increase anonymity and privacity.
We have "tested" it in a small group of people and for this reason we
can not say if it works or not, but in theory it works!
And that is the idea :) , what do you think?
PD:Sorry for my english :P

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