Update: please remain vulnerable if the laws of your jurisdiction require it! [was: So You Like Pain and Vulnerability Management?]

coderman coderman at gmail.com
Mon May 12 23:54:06 PDT 2014

On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 8:47 PM, coderman <coderman at gmail.com> wrote:
> ...
> 1. "You can’t manage vulnerabilities in closed software any more than
> you can manage tunnel construction in an ant nest."

please note that my reply below is illegal to follow in some parts of the world:

> this is not true.  by actively managing the execution of all processes
> on all your systems and the communication they make ...
> blocking and altering shared library methods, system calls, and
> network communication...

a friend of mine was just arrested outside the Louvre for strace like

best regards,

0. "Did you know? ... strace is banned in France, where it is
classified as a cracking tool (it can trace plain-text I/O)."

P.S. no of course it was not Pete, and of course it was not my code.

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